ante-, ant-

(Latin: before, in front of, prior to, forward; used as a prefix)

Compare this element with anti-, meaning "against". Anti-, with the meaning of "before", is found in very few words, such as: "antipasto" (from Italian) and "anticipate" with its various forms, plus a few scientific terms.

mentoanterior (adjective), more mentoanterior, most mentoanterior
In a facing presentation, having the fetal (unborn child's) chin pointing toward the front of the mother's body in relation to her pelvis: The mentoanterior position indicates that the fetal mentum of the baby is positioned forward in the mother's womb.
Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again.
—Johann W. von Goethe

Related before-word units: antero-; anti-; pre-; pro-.