oleo-, ole-, -oleic, ol-

(Greek > Latin: [olive] oil; fat)

Short for margarine.
oleo oil
A pleonastic (redundant) term referring to a yellow fatty substance extracted from beef fat, used in the manufacture of margarine and soap.
oleoarthrosis (s) (noun), oleoarthroses (pl)
Injection of oil into a joint cavity: Because of the loss of lubricating fluid, George's doctor recommended oleoarthrosis as a procedure to infuse a lubricating oil into his painful bone connections.
Treatment with gold salts in a fat or oily base.
A duct or channel for the conveyance of oil from an oil-well or oil-field.
A granuloma resulting from deposits, usually injected, of lipid material.
1. A picture printed in oil-colors in imitation of an oil-painting.
2. The art or process of printing pictures in oil-colors, by a method called chromolithography.
A colored lithographic print made on canvas (or cloth as well as on paper) with oil colors in order to imitate an oil painting.
oleoinfusion (s) (noun), oleoinfusions (pl)
A medicinal preparation obtained by extraction of the active components of a crude drug into an oil.
A butter substitute made by hydrogenation of a mixture of vegetable oils.
1. A hydrometer used to determine the specific gravity of oils, or calibrated in the range of specific gravity of oils.
2. An apparatus for determining the content of oil in a material.
Having an affinity for oils or oily materials; readily absorbing oil.
oleophobic (adjective); more oleophobic, most oleophobic
Referring to the tendency of rejecting oils or oily materials: Some cell or mobile phones have an oleophobic finish or coating on the screen which repels the natural oil on a person's fingers.

Water is oleophobic in that it cannot absorb grease or fuel oil, for example.

A reference to a device or system that absorbs shocks by a combination of forcing oil through an orifice and compression of air or another gas.
A mixture of a resin and an essential oil, either obtained naturally from plants or produced synthetically.

Related fat-word units: adipo-; lard; lipo-; obeso-; omento-; pimelo-; pio-; sebo-; steato-.