oeno-, oen-, eno-, oino-, oin-

(Greek: wine, fermented grape juice)

oenophilic, enophilic (ee" nuh FIL ik) (adjective); more oenophilic, more enophilic; most oenophilic, most enophilic
A reference to a person who enjoys wines; usually, as a connoisseur or an aficionado who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the finest wines: Tom’s father was the most oenophilic person at his country club and made many presentations about the history and current locations of the best vineyards in the world.
oenophilist, enophilist (ee NAHF i list) (s) (noun); oenophilists, enophilists (pl)
Someone who loves wine or who knows a great deal about it: Greg completed his training to be a oenophilist and received his sommelier (chef de cuisine) certificate and now is able to recommend vintages to the patrons in the dining room of the 5-star hotel.
Anyone who loves wine very much.
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A lover of wine.
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oenophily, enophily (ee" NAHF i lee) (s) (noun); oenophilies, enophilies (pl)
A condition that involves a fondness for collecting and drinking various kinds of wine: Mary’s next-door neighbor is known for her oenophily because she often attends trade shows exhibiting grape beverages from around the world.
oenophlygia, enophlygia (ee NAHF li gee uh) (s) (noun) (no plural)
The state or condition of being drunk from wine: The porter at the hotel recognized that Anne was suffering from oenophlygia and so he ordered a taxi to take her home safely.
oenophobist, enophobist (ee" nah FOH bist) (s) (noun); oenophobists, enophobists (pl)
Someone who has a dread of drinking too much wine or has a strong negative feeling about drinking anything that is alcoholic: Herald was an oenophobist who avoided going to parties, social gatherings, and local pubs where fermented beverages were served because he didn’t want to observe other people who were making fools of themselves.
A man is afraid to drink anything that is alcoholoc.
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oenopoetic (ee" noh poh ET ik) (adjective), more oenopoetic , most oenopoetic
A reference to or relating the production of wine: The greatest oenopoetic nations are said to be France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, and Algeria.

Germany, in its Rhine and Moselle wines, has been known to provide oenopoetic qualities for the pleasure of its consumers.

oenotherapy, enotherapy (ee" nah THER uh pee) (s) (noun); oenotherapies, enotherapies (pl)
The use of wine for purposes of treating a physical or a mental ailment: One of the major components of oenotherapy is the consumption of fermented beverages made of grapes in moderation on a regular and daily basis and not just for special occasions, celebrations, or for fancy dinners.

People should avoid drinking any alcoholic beverage, if they react badly to it and if they have:

  • Any significant stomach disease; such as, gastritis or ulcers.
  • A liver disease; such as, hepatitis or cirrhosis.
  • A heart disease; such as, myocarditis or myocardopathy.
  • A nerve disease; such as, peripheral neuropathy or encephalopathy.
oinomancy (ee" nuh MAN see) (s) (noun), oinomancies (pl)
Fortune telling with wine: Oinomancy dates from ancient Greece and Rome, when wine was poured as a libation, or an offering, to the gods in hopes that they would ensure a prosperous future for the worshippers.

Now, a modern survival of oinomancy is demonstrated when people drink wine to the health of others.

oinophobia (ee" nah FOH bee uh) (s) (noun), oinophobias (pl)
An outrageous and extreme dislike of wine: In the early years of the 20th century, many organizations and individuals exhibited fanatical oinophobia to the point of smashing windows in bars, causing wagons transporting beverages to overturn in streets and spilling their contents, as well as often injuring the horses and drivers.