nudo-, nudi-, nud-

(Latin: naked, uncovered or without clothing)

nuditarian (s) (noun), nuditarians (pl)
Anyone who likes to appear without clothing; such as, at the beach, etc.
nudity (s) (noun), nudities (pl)
1. The state or condition of having no clothes on.
2. Bareness or plainness, with no covering or decoration.
nudomania (s) (noun), nudomanias (pl)
A compulsion to be naked or a strong desire to be without clothes.
nudoneiria (s) (noun), nudoneirias (pl)
Persistent dreams about nakedness.
nudophobia (s) (noun), nudophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of being naked: Even when it seemed proper to take a shower with the other soccer team members after a game, Greg, suffering from nudophobia, was horrified at being in the nude and was always the last one in the showers when all the others were gone!
A man is taking a shower with his under ware on with other men.
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