not-, nosc-, nit-

(Latin: from gnoscere, to come to know, to get to know, to get acquainted [with]; know, learn; mark, sign; and cognoscere, to get to know, to recognize)

notice (s) (noun), notices (pl)
notice (verb), notices; noticed; noticing
noticeable (adjective), more noticeable, most noticeable
1. Descriptive of something that is easily seen or detected; observable: It has been noticeable that since gas prices have increased more people are using public transportation to get to work.
2. Susceptible of being significant or noteworthy: Grace noticed no noticeable difference in taste between organic vegetables and the non-organic ones sold at the local market.
noticeably (adverb), more noticeably, most noticeably
1. A reference to how a person or something is easily seen or is apparent: All of a sudden, when she saw David, she blushed noticeably!
2. Pertaining to how a thing can be detected to a certain degree: It was springtime and Jill felt that it became noticeably warmer and warmer from day to day.
3. Concerning how something is observed in truth: Noticeably, what had been simply ignorant was in fact an uneducated and naive statement.
notification (s) (noun), notifications (pl)
notifier (s) (noun), notifiers (pl)
notify (verb), notifies; notified; notifing
notion (s) (noun), notions (pl)
notional (adjective)
notionally (adverb)
notoriety (s) (noun), notorieties (pl)
notorious (adjective), more notorious, most notorious
Relating to being well-known or famous; especially, for doing something that is wrong or criminal: Tim's supervisor has notorious outbursts when members of his staff don't complete the right results that they have been assigned to produce.
Known widely and unfavorably.
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Infamous and well-known.
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notoriously (adverb)
notoriousness (s) (noun)
reconnaissance (ri KAHN uh suhns, ri KAHN uh zuhns) (s) (noun), reconnaissances (pl)
1. The exploration or examination of an area to gather information; especially, about the strength and positioning of enemy forces: The army officials reviewed the different approaches to determine which would be the best way to make a reconnaissance of the enemy territory.
2. A preliminary inspection of an area to obtain geographic, hydrographic, or similar data prior to a detailed survey: The reconnaissance of the district to gather terrestrial information was interrupted when the road ran into a pasture and ended.
3. A preliminary research or investigation of something: There was a lot of reconnaissance done in the forested areas so that the report on rare birds in that area would be as complete as possible.
An examination in advance to gain information.
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