non- +

(Latin: nothing, not)

There are hundreds of other "non-" prefix words that can be found in dictionaries.

Non tua te moveant, sed publica vota.
Let not your own, but the public wishes move you.
nonabsorbable suture
A suture made form a material that is not absorbed by the body; such as, silk, silkworm gut, horsehair, certain synthetic materials, or wire.
Lacking acquaintance; the state of being unacquainted.
non-alcoholic, nonalcoholic (adjective)
Without alcohol or containing no more than trace amounts of alcohol.
nonclandestine (adjective), more nonclandestine, most nonclandestine
Descriptive of doing something openly without being secretive.
noncollapsable, noncollapsible
Incapable of collapsing.
Characterized by tolerance, undogmatic, undogmatical; "although favoring European unity he was noncommital about the form it should take".
noncustodial, non-custodial
1. Not involving imprisonment or detention in custody: "She received a noncustodial sentence from the court."
2. In the United States, not having custody of child or not being granted legal custody of a child: "He was a noncustodial birth parent."
3. Not having custody of one's children after a divorce or separation.
1. With no interesting or remarkable characteristics.
2. A reference to to a person or thing of no particular type, kind, or character; often used disparagingly.
nonentity (s) (noun), nonentities (pl)
1. Someone who is not famous, has no influence, who is powerless, or is considered unimportant: At night, when Nancy was viewing the stars in the sky, she felt as if she were a nonentity in the world as a whole being so totally tiny and insignificant.
2. Something that does not exist in reality or which exists only in the imagination: In Dwain's dream, he saw the love of his life and, after waking up, he knew that she would aways be a nonentity and never to be found!
3. The state or condition of being nonexistent: Tabea looked for some butter in her fridge, but it evidently was a nonentity because there just wasn't any to be found!
A person who is not important.
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An insignificant character .
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nonextended (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to something that is not stretched out: "Whenever there is a nonextended item, it is not elongated."
Inexcusable behavior or action; without excuses.
1. Difficult to burn or to ignite.
2. Not combustible or easily set on fire.
An absence of fraternization.
Not performing nor able to perform a regular function.