non- +

(Latin: nothing, not)

There are hundreds of other "non-" prefix words that can be found in dictionaries.

Non assumpsit.
He has not undertaken.

The legal term for a plea denying a promise or undertaking.

Non bis in idem.
Not twice for the same thing.

This expression is about double jeopardy in the courts. It could also be a child's defense against further punishment by his/her father after being punished by her/his mother.

Non compos mentis (adjective) (no comparatives)
Translation: "Not of sound mind"

Said of a lunatic, idiot, drunkard, or one who has lost his or her memory and understanding by accident or as a result of a disease.

Non compos mentis is the legal expression used for any form of mental unsoundness. See compos mentis for the opposite condition.

Not of sound mind.
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Not legally responsible because of a mental problem.
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Non culpabilis.
Not guilty.

A legal verdict exonerating a person who has been on trial.

Non erat his locus.
That was not the place for these things.

Also translated as, "That was inappropriate."

non est inventus; non est (Latin phrase)
Not to be found.

These are the words that the sheriff writes on a writ when the defendant is not to be found in his bailiwick (area of legal responsibility).

Non est magnus pumilio, licet in monte constiterit; colossus magnitudinem suam servabit, etiam si steterit in puteo. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "A dwarf is not tall, even though he stand on a mountain; a colossus keeps his height, even though he stand in a well."

From Seneca, Ad Lucilium Epis (c. A.D. 65).

Non est tanti.
It is not of such great importance.

Also translated as, "It's no big deal."

Non est tuum, fortuna quod fecit tuum. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "Count not that as yours which fortune has made yours."
Non est vivere sed valere vita est.
Life is not being alive but being well.

Also translated as, "Life is more than just being alive."

Non fluctu nec flatu movetur. (Latin proverb)
He is not moved by either wave nor wind.
Non ignara mali, miseris succurrere disco. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "No stranger to misfortune myself, I learn to relieve the sufferings of others."

One rationale for helping people in distress, from Virgil's Aeneid. With these words, Dido, Queen of Carthage, greeted Aeneas and his companions, who were in exile.

Non incautus futuri. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Not unmindful of the future."

A motto that is based on the one that appears on the Lee (or Le) family crest, Ne incautus futuri, of the Washington and Lee University located in Virginia, USA. and is said to be referenced often in public events at the university.

non licet; n.l.
[it is] not permitted.
non liquet; n.l.
It is not clear.

A term used by lawyers when a case is not proven.