nomo-, nom-, -nomy, -onomy, -nome, -nomic, -nomous, -nomical, -nomically

(Greek: law, order, arrangement, systematized knowledge of [something]; usage)

Don’t confuse this element with the Latin nomo- which means "name" or another Greek nomo- which means "meadow" or "pasture".

A reference to or a descriptive term about the science of designing user interactions with equipment and workplaces tos prevent repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability.
1. The differentiation of functions.
2. Physiological differentiation associated with morphological specialization.
gastronomy (s) (noun), gastronomies (pl)
1. The skill of preparing and eating good food: Joe spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with combining different spices with his cooking and so he was able to present meals that could exceed almost everyone else who was involved with gastronomy!
2. The study of the relationship between food and other cultures: Since Susi always helped her father in the kitchen when he cooked, she thought that she would like to go to the academy in France to learn the art of their style of gastronomy and become a famous cook!
The art of good cooking and eating in other countries.
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genome, genomes
1. The full complement of genetic information that an organism inherits from its parents, especially the set of chromosomes and the genes they carry.
2. An organism's genetic material.
3. All of the inheritable traits of an organism.

There are more details about genomes at this link.

heteronomy (s) noun), heteronomies (pl)
1. The political subjection of or a control of a community by the political rule of another power or to an external law: "In heteronomy, people can not have their own form of government (autonomy) but must obey the laws of another country or government."
2. A condition in which someone or something is under the influence or domination of another person or existing power whether it is nonliving or living: "There are heteronomies that are imposed on us; such as, desires, passions, and physical or mental needs that can cause problems for individuals."
hydronomy, hydronomous
A system of river-names.
1. A mathematical expression that is the sum of a number of terms, each of which contains a constant and variables raised to a positive integral power.
2. An expression of two or more terms.