neuro-, neuron-, neurono-, neur-, neuri-, -neuroma, -neurotic, -neurosis, -neuron, -neural, -neuria

(Greek: nerve, nerve fiber, tendon, sinew, cord; nerve cell, nerve cells)

neurotrauma (s), neurotraumas (pl) (nouns)
1. Injury to a nerve or to the nervous system.
2. Mechanical injury of a nerve.
neurotraumatic (adjective)
A reference to or relating to an injury to a nerve or to the nervous system.
neurotrophy, neurotrophic
Nutrition and metabolism of tissues under nervous influence.
neurovaccine (s), neurovaccines (pl) (nouns)
Vaccine made by growing virus in the brain of an animal; such as, a rabbit.
The surgical crushing of a nerve.
neurula (singular)
neurulae (plural)
odontoneuralgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Facial neuralgia caused by a carious tooth: Dr. T. told Sally that the odontoneuralgia she was suffering from would be relieved after he tended to the the tooth affected with decay, and that she should brush her teeth regularly every day to avoid another case of odontoneuralgia.
olfactory esthesioneuroma (s) (noun), olfactory esthesioneuromas (pl)
A slow growth of a malignant tumor in the nerve tissue of the nasal area: Dr. Gibson, the otorhinolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist), was treating Ron for the olfactory esthesioneuroma detected in passages of his nose.
olfactory neurons (pl) (noun)
Sensory neurons are in the lining of the nose: The olfactory neurons are the only ones that continue to divide and differentiate throughout an organisms life.

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly or indirectly, to "cell, cells, cell nucleus": celli-; cellulo-; cyto-; endothelio-; gameto-; glio-; kary-, karyo-.

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