ne-, neo-

(Greek: new, recent, current, young)

Referring to newly formed vessels.
neovascularization, revascularization
The new formation of blood vessels in abnormal tissues; such as, tumors, or in abnormal positions as in diabetic retinopathy.
A newly formed collection of blood vessels, usually representing an abnormality.
Neozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning the period of geological time from the end of the Mesozoic to the present: Susan read about the Cenozoic era, instead of the outdated Neozoic period, which refers to the last 68 million years of the Earth's history.
nepiology, neonatology
The study and science of the newborn up to two months of age postnatally.

Cross references of word families related to: "new, recent": cen-, ceno-; nov-, novo-.