naus-, nau-, naut-, -naut, -nautical, -nautics

(Greek: ship; sailor; navigation)

nauseous (adjective), more nauseous, most nauseous
A reference to producing the unsettling feeling in the stomach that accompanies the urge to vomit.
nauseousness (s) (noun), nauseousnesses (pl)
A foulness or offensiveness that gives rise to feeling sick in the stomach.
nausifugic (adjective), more nausifugic, most nausifugic
Relating to medicine that relieves the suffering of nausea.
nautical (adjective), more nautical, most nautical
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of ships, shipping, sailors, or navigation on a body of water; such as, nautical terms.
2. Nautical, marine, maritime, naval; these adjectives mean of or relating to the sea, ships, shipping, sailors, or navigation: nautical charts; marine insurance; maritime law; a naval officer.
Nautilus (s) (noun)
1. The first nuclear-powered submarine launched by the U.S. Navy.
2. A submarine that is propelled by nuclear power (nuclear submarine, nuclear-powered submarine).
nautomania (s) (noun), nautomanias (pl)
A morbid interest in ships or large bodies of water.
nautophobia (s) (noun), nautophobias (pl)
1. A trepidation of boats or ships: James never likes going to countries by vessel because of his nautophobia and his horror of sinking in the middle of the ocean!
2. A dread of water or of being on water: Ever so often sailors have nautophobia concerning their panic of drowning in the sea or ocean.
nautumephilist (s) (noun), nautumephilists (pl)
A collector of naval uniforms: Ever since Joe was a boy, he was intrigued by the navy and so he decided to save the naval outfits of his ancestors that were in the navy. He found out later that he was not the only nautumephilist in the city!
oceanaut (s) (noun), oceanauts (pl)
A skilled worker who lives in underwater installations and participates in scientific researches; aquanaut: Jim's brother was an oceanaut because he was very interested in sea life in the depths of the sea.
oneironaut (s) (noun), oneironauts (pl)
Someone who is said to realize that he or she is dreaming while in the ocean or sea water.
shuttlenaut (s) (noun), shuttlenauts (pl)
A space-shuttle flight pilot or crew member.

The Space Shuttle was a partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft system operated by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as part of the Space Shuttle program.

taikonaut (TIGH koh nawt) (noun), taikonauts (pl)
1. An an English "nickname" for a Chinese astronaut.
2. Taikonaut comes from the Chinese word taikong, which means "space" or "cosmos"; however, Chinese astronauts are generally known as yuhangyuan, "travelers of the universe".

Another small step Astronaut, cosmonaut or taikonaut? Greg Klerkx asks whose footprints will be next

—Article headline by Greg Klerkx, New Scientist; July 11, 2009; page 33.