nasc-, nat-

(Latin: born, birth)

innately (adverb), more innately, most innately
innateness (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
A condition that is natural or inborn: "Ted's innateness as an author started when he was a child keeping a journal of his daily activities."
international (s) (noun), internationals (pl)
international (adjective), more international, mostinternational
1. Relating to, or involving two or more countries: An international commission or an international cooperation.
2. A reference to extending across or transcending the boundaries of nations: The tennis champion had an international fame.

International mostly means something; such as a company, a language, or an organization that involves more than a single country.

internationalism (s) (noun), internationalisms (pl)
Multiple countries working together on common issues: Internationalism can be a political movement that advocates greater economic and political cooperation among nations.
internationalist (s) (noun), internationalists (pl)
internationalization (s) (noun), internationalizations (pl)
The process of bringing something under the control of certain countries.
Occurring during birth.
naive (nigh EVE, nah EEV) (adjective), more naive, most naive
1. Unsophisticated, innocent, guileless, childlike: Bonita's big eyes and naive questions made everyone feel protective toward her.
2. Credulous, gullible, unsuspecting: Eve was told not to be so naive as to be taken in by the lies of the next door neighbor.
3. Etymology: Naive and naiveté (nigh" eev TAY, nigh EE vi tay") come from French naif, "natural, inborn", which comes from Latin nasci, "to be born". The same Latin word has provided English with native and nation.

Conveying a childish or unsophisticated judgment.
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Childlike and simple minded.
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1. A coming into being; birth.
2. The event of being born.
nascent (adjective) (not comparable)
1. The beginning process of emerging, being born, coming into existence, or starting to develop: Roy started to work as a computer programmer in his nascent profession right after he graduated from the university's technical department.

Sarina is now starting her nascent career as a singer.

2. Etymology: from Latin nasci, "to be born".
Beginning to form or to develop.
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Just starting to develop or to come into existence.
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