ann-, anni-, annu-

(Latin: year, yearly)

superannuate (soo" pur AN yoo ayt")
1. To allow someone to retire from a service or an office on a pension because of age or infirmity.
2. To set aside as out of date or to discard as old-fashioned or obsolete; to remove as too old.
3. To be or to become old, out of date, or unfit for further service.
superannuated (adjective), more superannuated, most superannuated
1. A reference to being too old for use, work, service, or a position: During the annual new year's parade, some people wondered why, in the age of modern weapons, a soldier was carrying a superannuated sword; then they realized that, although it was obsolete as a weapon, the sword still has a significant part in military ceremonies.
2. Relating to a person or something that is antiquated or outdated: Elizabeth thought her supervisor had too many superannuated ideas and so she was convinced that the project would not be a success.
3. Descriptive of a situation that is outmoded, obsolete, no longer useful, valid, or fashionable: The president of the country tried to get his legislature to change the superannuated laws which were still in force because they were simply old fashioned and not practical anymore.
Relating to being retired because of old age.
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A retirement, and usually with a pension, because of old age or infirmity.
1. Occurring every three years; lasting for three years; equal to triennial.
2. Occurring three times a year.