muco-, muc-, muci-, mucin- +

(Latin: mucus, mucous, or mucosa; a viscid, slippery, slime secretion of the mucous membranes; related to mucor, "mold, moldiness")

1. A complex protein found in mucous secretions.
2. Any of a group of organic compounds; such as, the mucins, that consist of a complex of proteins and glycosaminoglycans and are found in body tissues and fluids.
mucopurulent (adjective)
Containing, or composed of, both mucus and pus; such as, mucopurulent sputum.
An exudate (substance that oozes out of pores) composed of pus and mucus.
mucoraceous (adjective) (not comparable)
Related to, or encompassed by, the the fungal family Mucoraceae: A serious mucoraceous infection can occur most commonly in the lining of the nose and surrounding sinuses, and otomycosis, is a mucoraceous inflammation of the external ear, often caused by a fungus.
1. A serious fungus infection occurring most commonly in the lining of the nose and surrounding sinuses.
2. A fungal infection caused by infection with various fungi from the class, Zygomycetes.

The organism is widely distributed through air, water, and soil. This infection occurs predominately in the immunocompromised patient, burn patients, and those on steroid therapy.

Mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the exterior.
Referring to, or relating to, mucous membranes.
Resembling or containing mucus and saliva.
Containing both mucus and blood.
mucosanguinolent (adjective)
Containing mucus and blood.
Containing both mucus and blood.
Surgical excision of mucosa; such as, in the colon as during the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.
mucosedative (noun), mucosedatives (pl)
A drug or therapeutic agent that produces a soothing effect on mucus-bearing surfaces: Mucus is the thick, slimy fluid that is secreted by mucous membranes (the soft, pink, skin-like layers that line many of the cavities and tubes in the body) and so a mucosedative relieves or eases any pain that may have developed in certain areas where mucous is produced.
1. Containing or producing both mucus and serum.
2. Pertaining to an exudate or secretion that consists of both mucus and serum or a watery component.
Mucus of a particularly sticky, or tenacious variety, that is found especially in the upper respiratory tract and uterine cervix.