mne-, mnem-, mnemon-, mnes-, -mnesia, -mnesiac, -mnesic, -mnestic

(Greek: memory, to remember; recollection of something or someone; awareness, consciousness of the present and the past)

mnemic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining or relating to the ability that people have to retain their memories: Little 4-year-old Susi certainly had a mnemic recall because she always remembered and told her mother exactly where she had left her keys, where she had laid down her book from the night before, and where her address book was when these things slipped her mother's mind!
mnemon (s) (noun), mnemons (pl)
A unit of memory that is in the brain: According to Jim's psychiatrist, a mnemon is a segment of recall that helps people remember ideas, phrases, information, etc., or a retention device which includes any learning techniques that aid people to preserve or to retrieve information.

A mnemon is an aid that helps people to assimilate special rhymes and poems, acronyms, images, songs, outlines, etc..

mnemonic (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to something that helps or assists people to remember something else more easily for example, by using a song, a sign, or words: Frank's wife held up a mnemonic card for her husband to see with the words: "Do you remember that tomorrow is my birthday?"
Relating to a device that helps someone remember.
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A reference to anything that is intended to assist one's memory.
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Descriptive of a way to remember something.
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mnemonic (s) (noun), mnemonics (pl)
A prompt of any kind that is intended to help a person remember something: James used a clothespin on his suitcase as a mnemonic so that he would be sure to take the bottle of water with him when traveling by train the next day.
mnemonic device (s) (noun), mnemonic devices (pl)
A short rhyme, phrase, or other mental technique for making information easier to memorize: The mnemonic device that Bernhard's children used for learning the alphabet was to sing the song of the ABCs!
mnemonic technique (s) (noun), mnemonic techniques
A reference to refreshing, improving, assisting, or developing the memory, especially by artificial aids: The mnemonic technique system of precepts and rules is intended to aid or to upgrade and polish the memory.

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mnemonicon (s) (noun), mnemonicons (pl)
A device to aid the memory: The mnemonicon of music has proven by some people to assist in the recollection of verbal material, like when singing a song containing some of the words producing a better over-all recall.
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mnemonist (s) (noun), mnemonists (pl)
Someone who is versed in the science of how to train and improve the memory, or who practices the art of memorizing: Professional entertainers or mnemonists are just one group of people who teach recollection with their songs.
mnemonize (verb), mnemonizes; mnemonized; mnemonizing
To provide techniques for remembering things more easily: John has a computer program that provides units of words that are related to each other and so they are mnemonized for greater understanding and relationships.
mnemophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An unreasonable apprehension of memories: Because Mrs. Elger had mnemophobia, she worried a lot about losing her recollections of the past when she was a child and as she was growing up.
Mnemosyne (nee MAHS uh nee) (proper noun) (no plural)
The Titaness from Greek mythology: Linda learned in a class at school that Mnemosyne was a goddess of memory from which the terms "memory," and "mnemonic" got their meaning.

She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaea and the mother by Zeus of the Muses.

In Hesiod's Theogony, kings and poets received their powers of authoritative speech from their possession of Mnemosyne and their special relationship with the Muses. Zeus lay with Mnemosyne for nine consecutive nights and thereby created the nine muses.

mnemotactic (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to the possession of a good memory: When the police asked Jane about the events prior, during, and after the accident, they were very impressed by all the many details she was able to give due to her mnemotactic recollections.
mnemotaxis (noun) (no plural)
A directed response of a moving organism back along their own tracks: In her biology class at school, Mary learned that animals possess a mnemotaxis in that they use their memories for retracing the paths they have already taken.
mnemotechny (noun) (no plural)
The research and exercise regarding the improvement of one's memory: In school the children were taught how to use mnemotechny in order to learn and remember facts and figures easier, and retain them as well for further use!

Etymologically related "forget, forgetfulness" word families: aletho-; letho-; oblivio-.

Related "memory, remembering" word families: memor-; reminisc-.