misce-, misc-

(Latin: mix, mingle)

Don't confuse this mis- unit with the following units: mis-, "bad, wrong"; miso-, mis-, "hate, hatred"; miss-, -miss, -mis- "send, throw".

antimiscegenation, anti-miscegenation (s) (noun); antimiscegenations, anti-miscegenations (pl)
Being against the mixing or blending of races: Historically, there have been anti-miscegenations by some societies against interracial marriages and having children.
immiscibility (s) (noun), immiscibilities (pl)
Two or more substances that cannot be mixed or blended together: There must be an immiscibility besides water and oil that can't readily dissolve into one another.
immiscible (adjective), more immiscible, most immiscible
Referring to anything that cannot be mixed or blended together: There are immiscible solids or solutions that are incapable of fusing into stable homogeneous mixtures; for example, water and oil are immiscible substances.
meddle (verb), meddles; meddled; meddling
1. To intervene or to be involved in the activities, interests, and concerns of other people when such involvement is not wanted: Neil was accused of meddling in other people's personal lives; especially, because he meddled with things that were considered to be "none of his business".
2. To handle or to change something that is not wanted or which is harmful: Jennifer told her brother that she didn't want him to meddle with her personal things anymore!
meddler (s) (noun), meddlers (pl)
Someone who is considered to be annoying and intruding in other peoples affairs or business: Shane thought he was being helpful, but Therese said he was nothing but a meddler and that she wanted him to leave her alone and to keep his advice to himself.

Jim's mother told him that a meddler is someone whose advice is usually not welcomed by others and so he should not be telling his young brother what he should or should not be watching on TV.

meddlesome (adjective), more meddlesome, most meddlesome
Referring to or relating to the intrusion of the activities and issues of other people in an unwanted way: Kimberley considered her brother, Edwin, a meddlesome annoyance because he was always trying to give her advice as to which clothes she should wear.
meddling (s) (noun), meddlings (pl)
An act of interposing or giving advice when it is not wanted: Vernon was very upset with the meddling of another college student who was telling him which courses he should take the following semester.
meddling (adjective), more meddling, most meddling
Pertaining to advising or telling another person what he or she should do: Brad's meddling co-worker, Janine, was suggesting procedures which he was sure could ruin his career with the company.
medley (s) (noun), medleys (pl)
1. A collection or mixture of various things: Brett and Trudy planted a medley of vegetables in their back yard.
2. Related songs played or mixed together as a single composition: The band played a medley of march tunes, all of which were very enjoyable and entertaining.
misce (verb) (no other verb forms)
1. To mix, a mandate or strong advice that is used in pharmacy: An instruction which tells the druggist to be sure to misce or to blend and to combine the ingredients of a certain medicine together before giving it to a customer.
2. Etymology: from Latin, miscere, "to mix"; an imperative form in grammar for a verb which expresses a command, a request, or strong advice.
miscegenation (s) (noun), miscegenations (pl)
A mixing of ethnic groups; such as, when people of different races live together and have children: Mark was a child of miscegenation because his mother was German and his father was African American and now he is a German citizen working as a construction engineer.
miscegenetic (adjective), more miscegenetic, most miscegenetic
A descriptive term for interracial marriages: Leroy's miscegenetic parents are considered normal citizens in most modern societies than they were in the past.
miscellanea (pl) (noun) (used only in the plural form)
A collection of different things: Mollie had shelves full of miscellanea or accumulations of books that she wrote over the years. She also had cupboards of miscellanea, consisting of various articles from her parents; for example, vases, old diaries, candlestick holders, and tablecloths.
miscellaneous (adjective), more miscellaneous, most miscellaneous
1. Pertaining to varied, assorted, or mixed items or ingredients: The supermarket is filled with miscellaneous foods; for example, fruit, salt, bread, vegetables, meat, etc.

Goldie had miscellaneous college expenses to take care of. She had her library fee to pay, her tuition, her room and board, and she had to buy the textbooks that she needed.

2. Referring to a manifold combination of things: Glen had a miscellaneous collection of tools available at his auto shop to repair cars.
miscellaneously (adverb), more miscellaneously, most miscellaneously
In diverse or in varying ways or procedures: Tyrone miscellaneously organized the characters for his next novel.

Polly miscellaneously subscribed to a bunch of different magazines. First she ordered a magazine per e-mail, another one by "snail mail", and yet another one by using her cell phone.