meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

trichoesthesiometer (s) (noun), trichoesthesiometers (pl)
An electric appliance for measuring or determining the amount of sensation when the hair is touched: Dr. Hairschnitz, a dermatologist, developed a unique trichoesthesiometer which was used in the research lab to study hair, scalps, and other aspects of the skin.
That branch of mathematics that deals with the measurement of the sides and angles of triangles, particularly with certain functions of their angles or of angles in general (the sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant), and hence with these functions as applied to abstract quantities; thus including the theory of triangles, of angles, and of (elementary) singly periodic functions.
A line of poetic verse consisting of three metrical feet.
tropometer (s), (noun), tropometers (pl)
turbidimetry (s) (noun), turbidimetries (pl)
A method for determining the muddiness caused by stirring up a liquid: Turbidimetry is concerned with the assessment of the concentration of a substance in a solution by the degree of cloudiness or turbidity it causes or by the degree of clarification it induces in a turbid solution.
A test that measures the function of the middle ear.

Tympanometry works by varying the pressure within the ear canal and measuring the movement of the ear drum (the tympanic membrane).

urinacidometer (s) (noun), urinacidometers (pl)
An instrument for estimating the pH of urine: Dr. Smart showed an urinacidometer to the students in his seminar and explained what it was used for.

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