meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

sensimeter (s) (noun), sensimeters (pl)
An device for measuring the degree of feeling an anesthetic or hyperesthetic has regarding certain areas of the body: The neurologist used the latest model of sensimeter with the patient who had complained of a lack of feeling in her right hand.
sensitometer (s) (noun), sensitometers (pl)
1. A calibrated device with an optical light source that puts a set of densities on radiographic film: A sensitometer is used in quality control monitoring of film processors.
2. A measuring instrument that is used to determine the degree of responsiveness to a stimulus; such as, the reactions to various amounts of light: The ophthalmologist used a sensitometer during her examination of Mr. Kaspar's ability to see so she could measure the reactions of the pupils of his eyes to light.
An instrument for measuring the rate of secretion of saliva from the major salivary glands.

It consists of an arrangement for attachment to the opeining of the salivary duct, by suction or cannulation, and a drop counter or other means of measuring the weight or volumen of the secretions.

The measurement of the rate of secretion of saliva, usually from the parotid and submandibular salivary glands, done for physiological reasons and for the investigation of salivary gland diseases.
A device for determining the density of a precipitate (a solid that settles or sinks in a solution) by the degree of translucency of a fluid containing it.
solarimeter, pyranometer
1. General name for the class of actinometers that measure the combined intensity of incoming direct solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation.
2. An instrument used to measure the combined intensity of incident direct solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation.

It operates by comparing the heat produced by the radiation on blackened metal strips with that produced by a known electric current.

1. An instrument used to measure the curvatures of surfaces or spheres and curved surfaces; such as, a lens.
2. An instrument for determining he degree of curvature of a sphere or part of a sphere; especially, of optical lenses, or of the tools used for grinding them.
sphygmodynamometer (s) (noun), sphygmodynamometers (pl)

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