meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

salinity current
A density current in the ocean whose flow is caused by its relatively higher salinity, and therefore its greater density, in comparison to the surrounding water.
salinometer, salimeter
A device or instrument used to measure the salt content of a solution; such as, brine, especially one based on electrical conductivity methods.
salinometric, salinometry
A reference to an instrument that is used to measure the concentration of salt in salt solutions.
sciametry (s) (noun), sciametries (pl)
The measurements or sizes to which shadows are determined.
1. An instrument for measuring the intensity of the scintillation of the stars.
2. A device containing a scintillator for detecting and measuring low intensities of ionizing radiation.
3. A device for detecting and measuring radioactivity, having a crystal scintillator, a photoelectric cell sensitive to the light from scintillations, and an amplifier.
An instrument for measuring curvatures of the spine.
Measurement of the curvatures of the spine.
Measuring curvatures of the spine.
An instrument for recording and measuring the size of scotomata.
The technique of identifying and measuring scotomata.
seismometer, seismometry
1. A tool for measuring earthquakes and attendant phenomena; such as, earth tremors or ground movement.
2. A special seismograph equipped to measure the actual movement of the ground.

See seismograph in this listing for more details.

sensimeter (s) (noun), sensimeters (pl)
An device for measuring the degree of feeling an anesthetic or hyperesthetic has regarding certain areas of the body: The neurologist used the latest model of sensimeter with the patient who had complained of a lack of feeling in her right hand.
sensitometer (s) (noun), sensitometers (pl)
1. A calibrated device with an optical light source that puts a set of densities on radiographic film: A sensitometer is used in quality control monitoring of film processors.
2. A measuring instrument that is used to determine the degree of responsiveness to a stimulus, such as the reactions to various amounts of light: The ophthalmologist used a sensitometer during her examination of Mr. Kaspar's ability to see so she could measure the reactions of the pupils of his eyes to light.

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