meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

plethysmometry (s), plethysmometries (pl) (nouns)
Measurement of the fullness of hollow organs or vessels; such as, with the pulse.
pluviometer (s) (noun), pluviometers (pl)
An instrument that measures rainfall which is also known as a rain gauge: The Hillman family in California used to have a pluviometer attached to a post in their backyard which measured the amount of precipitation whenever there was any.
pluviometrical (adjective), more pluviometrical, most pluviometrical
Pertaining to a tool that determines the amount of rainfall at any given time: Mr. Lange showed his biology students his pluviometrical device that still contained the amount of precipitation from the day before.
pluviometrically (adverb), more pluviometrically, most pluviometrically
Referring to a method that can determine the amount of water that has fallen during a specific rainfall: The aqueous vapor gauge pluviometrically measured the quantity of moisture that fell during the last 24 hours so Jane could enter the data into her statistics for her class at school.
pluviometry (s) (noun) (usually no plural form)
The amount of downpour that has fallen on any particular day or night: Pluviometry is a part of meteorology that focuses on the different forms of water coming from the sky which indicates its formation and distribution.
pneometer, pneumatometer (s) (noun); pneometers; pneumatometers (pl)
A device to measure the force of inspiration or expiration of an individual's lungs: Dr. Smith decided to use a pneometer to assess Jack's respiratory gases and the capacity of his lungs with a spirometer.
pneometry (s) (noun), pneometries (pl)
The measurement of inspired or also of expired air; spirometry: Jane was pleased when the doctor showed her the pneometry of her lungs with very good results.
pneumatometer (s) (noun), pneumatometers (pl)
An apparatus that is used to measure the force exerted by a person's lungs during a single breath; spirometer: Dr. Smith used a pneumatometer to assess the volume of Jane's lungs, since she had a lung disorder that needed treatment.
An instrument for measuring the strength of the muscles of the foot or leg.

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