meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

glossodynamometer (s) (noun), glossodynamometers (pl)
1. A device or apparatus for measuring and estimating the strength of the tongue muscles.
2. An instrument for measuring the capacity of the tongue to resist pressure.
An apparatus used for measuring the biting pressure of the jaws of an individual.
A mathematical instrument, used for measuring angles in surveying; otherwise called a semi-circle. Also, a goniometer used in crystallography.
An instrument which measures of the severity of the sense of taste.
The measurement of the acuteness of the sense of taste.
A device for measuring cerebral gyri.
halimetry (s) (noun), halimetries (pl)
The measurement of the amount of saline matter in a solution: Jack had to use a halimeter to figure out the halimetry of the saline substance in the emulsion.
halometer (s) (noun), halometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the external form, angles, and planes of salts and crystals; goniometer: In college, Jane's professor showed the students a halometer which could calculate the outside shapes of salts.
halometry (s) (noun) (no pl)
The measurement of the external forms of salt crystals: Part of the assignment during the seminar was concerned with halometry and each student had the required equipment to complete the task in finding out the exact structures of the crystals.
The founding of a colony of social insects by a single fertile female.

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