meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

absorptiometry (s) (noun), absorptiometries (pl)
A radiographic technique for measuring the dissipation of x-ray energy as the beam goes through tissue and the amount of radiation absorbed by the sample is measured: "Absorptiometry is used in medicine to measure bone density."
accelerometer (s) (noun), accelerometers (pl)
1. An device for measuring acceleration or speed.
2. Instruments used for determining the speed of a moving body or for measuring mechanical vibrations.
acetimeter, acetometer (s) (noun); acetimeters; acetometers (pl)
An instrument for estimating the amount of acetic acid in a liquid containing this acid: An acetimeter is a device for calculating the strength of vinegar.
acetimetry (s) (noun), acetimetries (pl)
The method of determining the strength or the amount of sourness contained in a liquid: In her science book, there was an interesting section on acetimetry relating to assessing the proportion of acetic acid in beverages.
acidimeter (s) (noun), acidimeters (pl)
An instrument for measuring the strength or amount of pungent elements in a solution: By using an acidimeter in winemaking, the amount of acids contained in the wine can be determined
acidimetry (s) (noun) (no pl)
The chemical process of measuring the strength of acids: Acidimetry is the procedure of determining the quantity of pure free acid contained in a liquid.
acoumeter (s) (noun), acoumeters (pl)
An instrument used for estimating the power or extent of the sense of hearing: Jane's doctor used an acoumeter to determine why she was having so much trouble in perceiving what people were saying to her.
acoustimeter (s) (noun), acoustimeters (pl)
A portable electronic device that measures noise levels, especially those of traffic: The traffic personnel who were responsible for monitoring vehicular noise in residential areas of the city used acoustimeters to help them with their duties.
acoutometer (s) (noun), acoutometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the various levels of sounds: Upon completing her degree to qualify as an acoustician, Dr. Sally Harcourt purchased an acoutometer to use in her office.
actinometer (s) (noun), actinometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the intensity and penetrating power of actinic rays: An actinometer is a device for assessing light energy, especially solar and terrestrial radiation.

An actinometer is an implement used for determining the intensity of radiation by measuring the fluorescence produced by it.

adipometer (s) (noun), audiometers (pl)
An instrument for determining the thickness of a fold of skin: Dr. Smith told Mary that one way to determine the presence of obesity was to use a device called an adipometer to access the amount of excess fat around her waistline.
aerometer (s) (noun), aerometers (pl)
An instrument for weighing air or for estimating the density of gas: An aerometer is especially valuable for determining the weight or denseness, or compactness, of air.
aerotonometer (s) (noun), aerotonometers (pl)
An instrument for estimating the tension or pressure of a gas; tonometer: The old-fashioned term aerotonometer refers to the apparatus used for measuring gases in blood.

In the present day, the prefix of this word has been deleted in the medical parlance. .

aesthesiometer, esthesiometer (s) (noun); aesthesiometers; esthesiometers (pl)
An instrument used to determine the degree of tactile or touch sensibility that patients have: The nurse read and recorded the readings from the aesthesiometer which Dr. Sparks was using on Glen.

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