meato-, meat-, mea-

(Latin: opening or passageway in the body, bodily opening or canal; or to go, to pass; a passage)

1. To enter something and to spread or to flow throughout it, so that every part or aspect of it is affected.
2. For a chemical to pass through or to cause to pass through by osmosis or diffusion.
3. To pass through the smallest openings in a porous substance or membrane, or to make something such as a liquid pass through the substance or membrane.

When gas, liquid, or an odor permeates something, it spreads into and through every part of it.

If an attitude or feeling permeates someone, its influence can be clearly felt or seen.


A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, indirectly, or partially with: "opening, hole, cavity, tract, tube": alveolo-; antro-; anu-; celo-; coelio-; concho-; fenestra-; hernio-; hiat-; ora-; parieto-; poro-; pyl-, pyle-; pylor-; sphinctero-; splanchn-; stomato-; syringo-; uretero-; urethro-; vagino-; ventricul-.