mater-, matri-, matro- matr- +

(Latin: mother, mama, mom; mum [British])

Tending to move toward or centering upon the mother; characteristic of a matriarchy.
matricide, matricidal
1. The act of murdering one's own mother.
2. Someone who has murdered his or her own mother.
Pertaining to, or designating an offspring influenced by matrocliny or exhibiting inheritance as in matrocliny.
A person who has matriculated or is a candidate for matriculation; that is, someone who has registered or enrolled in a college or university as a candidate for a degree.
1. To admit a student to membership of a college or university.
2. To be enrolled at a college or university, after meeting the academic standard required to be accepted for a course of further education.
3. Etymology: from Latin matrix, meaning "womb, source, origin".

It is formed from mater, matris, "mother", on analogy of nutrix, "wet-nurse, nurse".

The process of registering or enrolling in a college or university with the objective of obtaining a degree or degrees.
The line of genealogical relationship or descent that follows a woman's side of a family.
matrilineal, matrilinear
Used to describe the line of genealogical relationship or descent that follows the female (mother's) side of a family.
matrilocal, matrilocally, matrilocality
1. Used to describe a form of marriage in which, after the wedding, the bridegroom moves to his new wife's family home.
2. A reference to a culture in which young men live with their brides' families after marriage.
A reference to matrimony or of being married.
Relating to the act, ceremony, or sacrament of marriage.
1. The state or condition of being married.
2. Etymology: from Anglo-Norman matrimonie from Latin matrimonium, literally "state of motherhood" because of the association of marriage with parenthood.
matroclinous, matroclinal
1. Having obvious characteristics that are inherited predominantly from the mother.
2. Looking more like one's mother than one's father.
1. The inheritance of traits primarily from the mother.
2. Any mode of inheritance in which the offspring predictably resemble the female parent more than the male parent, as in hologynic inheritance or genetic traits that are inherited and passed on only by females.
The sexual love of a son for his mother.