mare, mari-, mar- +

(Latin: sea; ocean)

1. A submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes.
2. A sea vessel that is capable of operating submerged.
3. Beneath the surface of the water; undersea.
A member of the crew of a submarine.
supramarine, supermarine
Taking place or operating above the sea.
1. Involving crossing a sea or ocean.
2. Situated or coming from across a sea or ocean.
3. Being on or coming from the opposite side of the sea or ocean.
Across or beyond the sea.
ultra mare
Beyond the sea.
1. A brilliant deep blue color.
2. A vivid or strong blue to purplish blue.
3. A reference to a place beyond the sea.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "sea" and the "ocean" bodies of water: abysso- (bottomless); Atlantic; batho-, bathy- (depth); bentho- (deep, depth); halio-, halo- (salt or "the sea"); necto-, nekto- (swimming); oceano-; pelago- (sea, ocean); plankto- (drifting); thalasso- (sea, ocean).