-ance, -ancy

(Latin: often through French, quality or state of; being; condition; act or fact of _______ ing; a suffix that forms nouns)

The state of oscillating; a seesaw kind of motion.
1. Drowsiness and dullness manifested by yawning,
2. An involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth; usually triggered by fatigue or boredom.
1. The act of yawning.
2. The state of being drowsy or inattentive; dullness.
peccancy (PEK uhn see) (s) (noun), peccancies (pl)
Moral transgression and immoral behavior: Many movies present offensive peccancies which may encourage some viewers to replicate what they have seen.
penance (s) (noun), penances (pl)
1. An action or a behavior that suggests sorrow or regret for a serious transgression: Andrew went to church every day as a penance for having taken a book from the bookstore without paying for it.

Shawn's penance for shoplifting in the grocery store was to write an essay on the social costs of shoplifting.

2. A sacramental rite involving contrition, confession of sins to a priest, the acceptance of penalties, and absolution: The pastor led the rite of penance for those in the congregation who attended.
perseverance (s) (noun), perseverances (pl)
1. A steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness: Endurance and perseverance, when combined, can result in a successful endeavor.
2. The determined continuation with something; usually over a long period; especially, despite difficulties or setbacks: Perseverance usually indicates that something has been continued in spite of it not being easy to accomplish; in fact, perseverance is required to accomplish just about any skill.

Perseverance may be used in either a favorable or an unfavorable sense, and implies unremitting and sometimes annoying persistence; for example, talking when others want to study.

3. Etymology: from Latin perseverantia, "steadfastness, constancy".
A steadfast effort to do something.
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perturbance (s) (noun), perturbances (pl)
Disturbance; perturbation: After hearing the disturbing news, Mr. Big entered the office in a state of perturbance.
petulance (s) (noun), petulances (pl)
1. Ill-tempered or sulky in a peevish manner (easily irritated or annoyed).
2. Unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered.
3. Contemptuous in speech or behavior.
pleasance (s) (noun), pleasances (pl)
ponderance (s) (noun), ponderances (pl)
Weight; gravity; serious consideration: The ponderance of suggestions made by Edward's financial advisor had to be considered seriously.
preacquaintance (s) (noun), preacquaintances (pl)
1. A previous knowledge of something or of someone: During rehearsals for the upcoming theatre production, Jason’s preacquaintence with the play helped him to interpret the main character sympathetically.
2. Etymology: from Middle English aqueyntance, "make known" from ad-, "before" + "cognoscere, "to know well."
precipitance (s) (noun), precipitances (pl)
An action or thought marked by impulsiveness or rash haste: Quite often there is a precipitance, or abruptness, among young people.

The precipitance and quickness of the faculty members in submitting their resignations took the Board of Directors by surprise.