macro-, macr-

(Greek: large, great; long [in extent or duration]; enlarged, or elongated, long [in length]; abnormally large)

A fossil that is large enough to be studied directly, without the aid of a microscope.
The larger gamete, always female, produced by a heterogamous organism.
A sudden mutation producing a heritable variation in the morphology of a species that occurs more abruptly than other instances of comparable change and is difficult to explain through natural selection.
macrogeography (s) (noun), macrogeographies (pl)
Large-scale, usually highly theoretical, geographical study: In the beginning, Mr. Rock explained the concepts of macrogeography in order to give the students general and wide-ranging geographical concepts of the planet Earth.
1. An abnormally large tongue.

Macroglossia is sometimes said to be associated with Down syndrome, but in that disorder the tongue is actually large only in relation to a smaller-than-normal mouth cavity.

2. Diffuse enlargement of the tongue.

It may be due, for example, to congenital muscular hypertrophy or lymphangioma (structure consisting of a collection of blood vessels and lymph vessels that are overgrown and clumped together), and occurs in certain endocrinopathies.

macrognathia, macrognathic
An abnormally large jaw.

This condition is associated with pituitary gigantism, tumors, and other disorders.

Macrognathia can often be corrected with surgery. Also called prognathic mandible.

1. A drawing, photograph, or other representation in which something appears at its actual size or larger.
2. A representation of an object that is at least as large as the object.
1. Abnormally large handwriting, often the result of a nervous disorder in the writer.
2. Examination of objects with unaided eyes.
3. Abnormally large handwriting.
A giant female ant or termite.
An excessive size of the nose, either congenital or pathologic.
Lepidoptera (as butterflies, skippers, saturniids, and noctuids) that include most of the large forms and none of the minute ones.

Traditionally used for the larger butterflies and moths as opposed to the Microlepidoptera.

macrologist (s) (noun), macrologists (pl)
A dull conversationalist; usually, someone who is often at parties or other social gatherings.
macrology (s) (noun), macrologies (pl)
A long and tedious conversation without much substance; a superfluity or over abundance of words: Macrology is not just a speech, but it is also excessive in length and very boring.
Talking too much without real substance.
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Divination with the largest thing at hand (nearby).
A form of insanity in which the person conceives of things, especially parts of his/her own body, to be larger than they really are.

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