macro-, macr-

(Greek: large, great; long [in extent or duration]; enlarged, or elongated, long [in length]; abnormally large)

macrobenthos (s) (noun) (no pl)
A larger organism of the benthos, exceeding one mm in length: While Jill was gazing into the stream, she could really see a macrobenthos in the depth of the water!
1. Tending to prolong life; relating to the prolongation of life.
2. The science of prolonging life.
1. The population of organisms of a size larger than a few centimeters in any habitat or ecosystem (especially applied to soil).
2. Large soil organisms, exceeding about 40-50 mm in length.
3. All soil organisms of larger size than those of the mesobiota including plant roots, larger insects, earthworms, etc.
macrobiotic (adjective), more macrobiotic, most macrobiotic
Describing a dietary program advocating the restrictive use of certain foods; such as, one rich in whole grain cereals: Macrobiotic foods are considered healthy because they consist of grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables produced without adding chemicals and is maintained by proponents as a diet promoting good health, but regarded by many nutritionists as deficient in essential proteins.

Such a macrobiotic diet may also consist of fish, but it does not include edibles; such as, other animal meat and eggs.

Food consisting of grains and vegetables used to prolong life.
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1. The study of the prolongation or extension of life; long-lived.
2. The theory or practice of promoting well-being and longevity, principally by means of a diet consisting chiefly of whole grains and beans.
An abnormally large eyelid.
1. A condition of having abnormally thick or long arms.
2. An abnormal size or length of an arm or arms.
A strong downdraft, of over 2.5 miles in diameter, that can cause damaging winds.

A downdraft, or downburst, is a column of sinking air that is capable of producing damaging straight-line winds of over 150 mph (240 km/h), similar to, but distinguishable from tornadoes.

Downburst damage will radiate from a central point as the descending column spreads out when impacting the surface, whereas tornado damage tends towards convergent damage consistent with rotating winds.

A person who has an unusually or exceptionally large head and brain.
An individual with an abnormally large head.

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