luco-, luc-, luci-, lux, -lucence, -lucent

(Latin: light, lights, shine, shines, shining)

Sol lucet omnibus.
The sun shines for everyone.
translucence (s) (noun), translucences (pl)
1. Permitting sunshine, for example, to pass through but diffusing it so that people, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible: The translucence of the frosted window glass in the door was not transparent.

The translucence of the frosted window in the front door prevented the woman from seeing who was ringing the doorbell.

2. Easily understandable; lucid: Marjory gave her friends an explanation of great translucence that was very easy to understand.
3. Clear; transparent: The biologists could see that the translucence of the seawater was decreased by the storm.
4. The action or fact of shining through, mentally or physically: Siebert had a moment of translucence when all the facts of the criminal case were provided and he knew he could solve the mystery.
translucency (s) (noun), translucencies (pl)
Materials that allow shining elements to pass through them in a diffuse or in unclear results: Although translucency usually refers to visible brilliancy in common usage, it can actually refer to any type of radiation; for example, bodily flesh is transparent to X-rays, while the translucency of bones is not.

Although transparency usually refers to visible light in well-known phrases, it can also refer to anything that can be easily seen; for example, there is translucency of soft tissue with X-rays, while there are no translucencies with the humerus, collarbone, breastbone, etc.

Ted's new door had several glass panes; including, three that were translucencies which allowed brightness to filter through, but they didn't provide a clear view of what was outside.

translucent (adjective), more translucent, most translucent
Letting bright elements pass through but diffusing them so that objects on the other side cannot be clearly distinguished: The door of the shower was made of translucent glass, letting shining images transmit through it, but not allowing clearly visible forms to be seen of who might be taking a shower!

Frosted glass is an example of another translucent product.

translucently (adverb), more translucently, most translucently
Descriptive of effulgence being transmitted but causing sufficient diffusion to prevent the clear perception or viewing of images: The window was frosted and so it translucently presented a distortion of anything, or anyone, on the outside.
unilluminated (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to something which is shadowed or dark: The taxi drove up to the unilluminated house where Jack, the driver, waited until Mrs. Jones had gone inside and turned on the chandelier before he drove away.
2. Not mentally enlightened: It was thought that Henry was unilluminated because he wouldn't take advantage of the information that was available about his profession at the library.
Via crucis, via lucis. (Latin)
Translation: "The way of the Cross is the way to the light."

Etymologically related "light, shine, glow" word families: ethero-; fulg-; lumen-, lum-; luna, luni-; lustr-; phengo-; pheno-; phospho-; photo-; scinti-, scintill-; splendo-.