(Latin: place; from place to place; where something is positioned or situated)

allocate (AL uh kayt") (verb), allocates; allocated; allocating
1. To set aside something for a reason or a purpose: The principal of the school allocated two teachers and three students to plan the end-of-school activities.
2. To distribute something according to a plan: The government agency announced a plan to allocate millions of dollars to purchase food supplies and medications for the storm-hit community.
To assign or to apportion.
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allocation (s) (noun), allocations (pl)
A system, procedure, or process of distributing or sharing by setting something aside.
allowable (adjective)
allowed (uh LOUD)
1. Permit someone to do something; let, give permission to; authorize, concede to, sanction, agree to, approve: "My salary does not allow me to live extravagantly. The teacher allowed us to leave school early."
2. Allocate, assign, grant, provide: "Allow yourself at least an hour to get to the airport."
collocate (KOHL uh kayt") (verb), collocates; collocated; collocating
1. A strong tendency to take place side by side with a frequency better than mere chance: A few words that collocate with each other include the following examples; "maiden" collocates with "voyage" or "maiden voyage"; "mortgage" collocates with "property".
2. To put words in a certain order or to arrange words naturally together : The word "college" collocates with "student" or "college student"; "quick" collocates with "temper"; however, "fast" does not collocate with "temper".
collocation (s) (noun), collocations (pl)
1. The association between two words that are typically or frequently used together: Such words as "strong coffee" and "heavy drinker" are typical English collocations; as well as, "bosom buddy" and "dead serious".
2. An arrangement in which things are placed next to each other or close together: The artist made a collocation of certain pieces which formed a sculpture.

Clare saw the organized collocations of books on the shelves in the library.

couch (s) (noun), couches (pl)
couch (verb), couches; couched; couching
disallowable (adjective), more disallowable, most disallowable
disallowance (s) (noun), disallowances (pl)