limit-, lim- +

(Latin: threshold (level at which something happens), point at which something begins or changes; boundary, limit)

eliminate, eliminates, eliminating, eliminated
1. To put an end to something, usually something undesirable: "These people are pledged to eliminate HIV as soon as possible."
2. To decide to exclude someone or something from further consideration: "The company eliminated him from further consideration as a supervisor."
3. To defeat a player or sports team and put them out of a competition: "The college team was eliminated in the first round."
4. To murder someone who is considered to be a problem or to kill in large numbers.
1. The process of getting rid of something that is not wanted or needed anymore.
2. The bodily process of discharging waste matter.
3. A game, bout, or match in a tournament in which an individual or team is eliminated from the competition after a defeat.
4. To wipe out someone or something; especially, by using drastic methods including banishment or execution; such as, eliminated all opposition; eradicate guerrilla activity; liquidating traitors; purged the army of dissidents.
illimitable (adjective), more illimitable, most illimitable
Incapable of being restricted or bounded; endless; measureless: Many people believe in the the illimitable love of God.
A reference to the threshold of sensation.
1. An instrument capable of measuring the intensity of a stimulus applied to a tendon in order to evoke or to cause a reflex as well as the threshold intensity which will simply evoke a reflex.
2. An instrument for measuring the strength of a stimulus that just induces a tendon reflex.
An instrument for measuring the threshold intensity at which visual stimuli can be perceived.
limit, limits
1. The largest or smallest amount, or the highest or lowest level, of something that is allowed.
2. The greatest amount or level of something that is possible.
3. The point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed.
4. The boundary surrounding a specific area.
5. A confining or restricting object, agent, or influence.
6. The greatest or least amount, number, or extent that is allowed or which is possible.
limitable (adjective), more limitable, most limitable
Possible of being curtailed or reduced in quantity or extent: The number of people allowed to enter the national park is limitable and controlled depending on the time of year.
1. Restricted by or as if by a limit; limited.
2. Situated at a boundary; restrictive.
limitation, limitations
1. A disadvantage or weak point that makes someone or something less effective.
2. An imposed restriction that cannot be exceeded or sidestepped.
3. A disadvantage or weakness in someone or something: "One of the limitations of the program is the amount of memory that it requires."
4. A particular period of time within which a legal action must start or a period of time, fixed by statute, during which a legal action can be brought, as for settling a claim.
5. A legal restriction on the powers that someone has.
1. That on which some form of limit or restriction is imposed: "They have limited space available on the bus."
2. Existing at or below the full degree or extent, usually far below; such as, having limited powers.
3. With talents or skills that fall short of what is expected or required.
4. As in politics, lacking a full range of powers, especially because of constitutional or legal limitations.
limited edition
An edition of a book, often specially printed and bound, of which only a set number are published.
Having no limit; boundless; immeasurable.
off limits, off-limits
1. Forbidden to military personnel except when on official business.
2. Not to be entered or frequented by a designated group.
3. A place to which entry is forbidden or barred: "This part of town is off-limits to strangers."
preliminary (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to something which is prior to the main or most important part of something: The teachers did preliminary brainstorming on the topic which was to be presented in the staff conference the following week.