(Latin: tie, bind)

unreliable (adjective), more unreliable, most unreliable
1. Lacking a sense of responsibility; irresponsible: Because of his unreliable and idiotic behavior, James caused his sister to have a broken arm.
2. Not worthy of reliance or trust; inconsistent: The very old washing machine was getting more and more unreliable and the clothes rarely came out clean!
3. Dangerously precarious and unpredictable: The narrow winding road up the side of the mountain was very unreliable and treacherous because of the many potholes and rocks along the way.
4. Not able to be trusted; dishonest: The article in the newspaper was unreliable because the information did not use sound and dependable sources.
5. Liable to be erroneous or misleading: undependable: The statement that Audrey made was unreliable, confusing, and delusive.
unreliably (adverb), more unreliably, most unreliably
Characterized by how a person or something cannot be depended on; unfaithfully; undependably: The old computer was unreliably slow and caused many problems, so Jim bought a new one.