leuko-, leuk-, -leukemia; alternate spellings: leuco-, leuc-, -leucemia

(Greek: leukos, white; the primary meaning now is the color "white"; but it also includes the meanings of "light, clear, bright")

adipoleucocyte (s) (noun), adipoleucocytes (pl)
A white cell containing fat droplets or wax, as in insects: An adipoleucocyte is a blood cell of particular insects that have the cytoplasm filled with oil globules.
aleukemia, aleukaemia (s) (noun), aleukemias, aleukaemias (pl)
A lack of a diminished total of white blood cell count in the peripheral blood cells: Aleukemia consists of varieties of diseases in which the white cell count of the blood is not normal or is so inadequate that it can even result in death.
aleukemic (adjective), more aleukemic, most aleukemic
aleukia (s) (noun), aleukias (pl)
An absence of or an extreme reduction in the number of white blood cells in the blood circulation.
aleukocyte (s) (noun), aleukocytes (pl)
aleukocytic (adjective), more aleukocytic, most aleukocytic
A reference to the absence of or extremely reduced numbers of blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi: Lionel's aleukocytic condition resulted in a lack of normal protection of his body against microorganisms that cause disease.
hypoleucocytosis (s) (noun), hypoleucocytoses (pl)
An inadequate number of white blood cells in the blood.
leucemia (s) (noun), leucemias (pl)
A variant spelling of leukemia which is available in this leuko-, leuco- unit.
leucine (s) (noun), leucines (pl)
An amino acid found among the products of digestion of proteins: "Leucines are present in body tissues and are essential for normal growth and metabolism or all of the chemical processes by which cells produce the energy and substances necessary for life in order to produce heat and energy, to repair tissues, and to help body growth to develop."
leucite (s) (noun), leucites (pl)
A white or gray mineral of potassium aluminum silicate: "Leucite is found in alkali volcanic rocks."
leucocratic (adjective), more leucocratic, nost leucocratic
In geology, pertaining to a rock which is composed mainly of light-colored minerals: Such leucocratic lumps of consolidated igneous matter contain a minimum of 90% felsic minerals.
leucocythemia, leukemia, leukemic, leukaemia, leukaemic
A disease in which the white corpuscles of the blood are largely increased in number, and there is an enlargement of the spleen, or the lymphatic glands; leuchaemia.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "white": albo-; albumino-.