-olent, -ulent

(Latin: a suffix; full of, disposed to)

somnolent (adjective), more somnolent, most somnolent
1. Relating to something that causes sleepiness or drowsiness: The long and boring film had a somnolent effect on Alice and she slumbered in her armchair until she woke up when the clock struck midnight!
2. A reference to those who have a strong desire to sleep or who are very drowsy: The somnolent hikers, utterly exhausted and tired from walking uphill for hours, finally reached their destination where they quickly prepared themselves to go to their beds and immediately fell asleep!
Sleepy, drowsy; inclined to fall asleep.
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succulent (adjective)
Related to a group of plants; such as, the cacti, that possess fleshy leaves and stems that store water as sap.
turbulent (adjective), more turbulent, most turbulent
1. Relating to someone who is in a state of agitation or tumult; disturbed: He had turbulent feelings or emotions after being rejected by the coach.
2. Characterized by, or showing disturbance, disorder, etc.: Many people go through turbulent years before they can find their peaceful years.
3. Referring to acts of violence and aggression: The turbulent young soldiers could not control themselves after their comrade was killed.
4. Descriptive of violent motion and agitation: While on their hiking trip, Mark and Janet sat down next to some turbulent rapids and enjoyed their lunch.
5. Chaotic and restless; marked by disturbances, changes, and unrest: It has been a turbulent year in politics.
6. In meteorology, atmospherically unstable: Turbulent weather conditions can occur when variations in wind speed and direction take place.
violent (adjective)
1. Using physical force to injure someone or to damage something; as, a violent crime.
2. Showing emotional intensity or strong feeling: "He had violent objections to the proposal."
3. Showing extreme, destructive, or uncontrollable force; such as, a violent thunderstorm.
4. Very intense or severe: "She had a violent headache."
5. Caused by force rather than by natural causes: "She met a violent death."
virulent (adjective)
1. That which is very infectious, malignant, or poisonous.
2. Descriptive of being capable of causing disease by breaking down protective mechanisms of the host.
3. Bitterly hostile or antagonistic; hateful: "He received virulent criticism from his supervisor."
4. A reference to being intensely irritating, obnoxious, or harsh.
volent (adjective)
1. Exercising, or capable of exercising, will or choice in respect of one’s conduct or course of action.
2. Someone who freely chooses or determines the course of action which he/she follows.