lenti-, lent-, lens- +

(Latin: lens, lentil)

1. A spherical bulging of the lens of the eye, as in an intumescent cataract.
2. A rare congenital anomaly with a spheroid elevation on the posterior surface of the lens of the eye.
lentigo (s), lentigines (pl)
A smooth, dark brown spot on the skin, usually of an exposed part, of a person of middle years or older.
lentigo senilis
A flat, uniformly colored spot that appears on exposed areas of skin during middle age and after; also known as "liver spots".
1. A leguminous plant (Lens culinaris) native to southwest Asia, having flat pods containing lens-shaped, edible seeds.
2. The round, flattened seed of this plant.
3. An edible seed from a plant of the pea family which is lens-shaped, brown, gray, green, or black on the outside and yellow or orange inside, and rich in protein.
4. Etymology: from the Latin name Lens culinaris from lenticula, "little lentil" which came from lens, "lentil".
meniscus lens (s) (noun), meniscus lenses (pl)
Elements in a single viewing aperture in which there are curvature centers on both of its surfaces: The meniscus lenses may lie on the same side of the lens so that both arched areas are concave or both are convex or the meniscus lens have a spherical concave curve on one side and a spherical convex curve on the other side.
omnifocal lens (s) (noun), omnifocal lenses (pl)
1. A lens for near and distant vision in which the reading portion is a continuously variable curve.
2. A lens whose power increases continuously and regularly in a downward direction, avoiding the discontinuity of bifocal and trifocal lenses.
orthoscopic lens
A spectacle (reading glass) lens corrected for distortion and curvature of the periphery.
phacoanaphylactic uveitis, lens-induced uveitis
Intraocular inflammation occurring after extracapsular cataract extraction; which is believed to be an immune reaction to the patient's liberated lenticular proteins.
phacometer, lensometer
A device for measuring the optical characteristics of the lenses of the eyes.
photochromic lens
A light-sensitive spectacle lens that reduces light transmission in sunlight and increases transmission in reduced light.
planoconcave lens
1. Flat on one side and concave on the other side, usually referring to a lens of that shape.
2. Pertaining to or noting a lens that is plane on one side and concave on the other side.
trial lens
A lens used to test one's vision.
trifocal lens (s) (noun), trifocal lenses (pl)
A lens with three parts of different refracting powers: the upper for distant sights, the middle for intermediate views, and the lower for near visions.

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