leg-, lex

(Latin: pertaining to the law, legal)

From Latin legalis and lex, legis, law; lex is singular while leges is plural.

1. An emissary of the pope, especially one who represents the Vatican in another country.
2. An official representative of a government, especially a diplomat.
legislate (verb), legislates; legislated; legislating
To make or to enact laws.
legislation (s) (noun), legislations (pl)
1. The action of making or giving laws; the enactment of laws, lawgiving; an instance of this.
2. The enactments of a legislator or legislature; the whole body of enacted laws.
The power of legislating or making laws; the body in which this power is vested, the legislature.
legislator (s) (noun), legislators (pl)
One who makes laws for a people or nation; a lawgiver; a member of a legislative body.
legislatress, legislatrix
A female legislator.
A body of persons invested with the power of making the laws of a country or state; specifically, (U.S.) the legislative body of a State or Territory, as distinguished from Congress.
One well versed or skilled in the law; a jurist.
legitimacy (s) (noun), legitmacies (pl)
1. The fact or situation in which someone or something exists in accordance with the law or is valid: Joe entered the customs office and showed his passport to show his legitimacy to pick up the parcel that was waiting for him.

Because legitimacy was important when entering the country, Tim showed his passport to the officials on duty.
2. The condition of being in accordance with law or principle: Legitimacy is now usually referred to with respect to a sovereign's title or, in a narrower sense, the fact of being derived by regular descent.

Legitimacy also refers to the principle of lineal succession to the throne, as a political doctrine.
3. Conformity to rules or principles; that which is legal: Mrs. Thompson declared her legitimacy to enter the theater by showing her ticket that she had bought the day before.

1. Of a child: Having the status of one lawfully begotten; entitled to full filial rights. Said also of a parent, and of lineal descent.
2. Conforming to law or rule; sanctioned or authorized by law or right; lawful; proper.