lalo-, lallo-, lalio-, lal-, -lalia, -lalic +

(Greek: speech, babbling, chattering; abnormal or disordered forms of speech)

Any disturbance of speech, especially the utterance of a vocal sound other than the one desired.
Indecent language relating to sexual intercourse.
Talking about penises.
Incoherence, or lack of organization, of speech.
A nasal quality of voice due to some disease or defect of the nasal passages.
rhinolalia aperta
Hypernasality or a quality of voice in which the emission of air through the nose is excessive due to velopharyngeal insufficiency (closure of nasal air escape by the elevation of the soft palate and contraction of the posterior pharyngeal wall), so that the voice is high-pitched and speech intelligibility deteriorates.
rhinolalia clausa
Hyponasality or voice quality in which there is a complete lack of nasal emission of air and nasal resonance, so that the voice is low-pitched.

People with this condition sound as if they have a cold.

Speech that is produced with clogged nostrils.
The abnormal rapidity of speech or talking very quickly.
The ability to speak in a foreign language which a person has not learned nor been exposed to.
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