kine-, kin-, kino-, kinesio-, kinesi-, kineto-, kinet-, -kinesia, -kinesis, -kinetic, -kinesias, -kineses, -kinetical, -kinetically

(Greek: move, set in motion; muscular activity)

kinesthesis, kineaesthesis (s) (noun) (no pl)
The sensations of bodily positions, weight, muscle tensions, and movements that are perceived: As she was floating in the swimming pool, Nancy had a strong sense of kinesthesis because she was aware that the various parts of her body were moving while she was in the water.
kinesthetic (adjective), more kinesthetic, most kinesthetic
A reference to the sense perceptions of movements: Maude's kinesthetic responses appeared to be very normal as indicated by the muscular stimulations she was receiving from Dr. Sneed.
kinesthetic hallucination (s) (noun), kinesthetic hallucinations (pl)
False sensations of body movements, as with an amputated-phantom limb: Fred was sure that he was feeling his amputated right arm moving very often, however Dr. Fisher explained that he was actually experiencing kinesthetic hallucinations.
kinesthetic sense (s) (noun), kinesthetic senses (pl)
The sensation of the movements of muscles that are felt while they are contracting: While using the specialized gym equipment, Lawrence experienced the kinesthetic senses of his muscles stretching and contracting.
kinetic action
In an article by Julian E. Barnes about the Somali pirates (LA Times, April 14, 2009; page one, below the fold), a senior U.S. military official was quoted about internal deliberations on condition of anonymity. "Bringing them in closer gave them a smoother ride.... Also, if we had to take kinetic action; as we did in this case, the shot would have greater potential for success."
—Contributed by William Solberg, Los Angeles, California.
One type of graphic recording of the vibrations of the chest wall produced by cardiac activity.
The graphic recording of the slow vibrations of the anterior chest wall in the region of the heart, representing the absolute motion at a given point on the chest.
An early type of motion picture camera.
A reference to an early type of motion picture camera.

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