juxta-, juxt- +

(Latin: beside; close by, close to, near; adjoining; proximity; to come together, to meet)

Adjoining the cortex of the cingulate gyrus, which is intermediate in form between the allocortex and the isocortex.
juxtamarine (adjective), more juxtamarine, most juxtamarine
Pertaining to something situated by the sea: The rentals were all juxtamarine dwellings located directly at the seaside.
1. Near the renal medulla (inner part of the substance of the kidney).
2. Situated or occurring near the edge of the medulla of the kidney.
3. Close to or adjoining the medullary border.
Adjacent to or near the optic disk.
juxtapose (verb), juxtaposes; juxtaposed; juxtaposing
1. To place side by side, especially for comparison, information, or contrast: The thesaurus was juxtaposed with the dictionary.
2. To place two or more things together; especially, in order to suggest a link between them or to emphasize the contrast between them: To help the customers understand the emphasis of his sales theme, the bookseller juxtaposed the titles of the books in the window display.
To place side by side.
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juxtaposed (adjective), more juxtaposed, most juxtaposed
Placed side by side; usually, for comparison or contrast: The juxtaposed pictures revealed the contrasts in their thematic compositions.
juxtaposit (verb), juxtaposits; juxtaposited; juxtapositing
To situate or to position by the side of or near something: When working on the family photo album, Sally tried to juxtaposit the pictures so that individual family members were juxtaposited side by side.
juxtaposition (verb), juxtapositions; juxtapositioned; juxtapositioning
An act or instance of setting something close together or next to each other: Jeanette, who loved flower vases, juxtapositioned the various sizes, shapes, and colors on the shelves to show how they compared and contrasted with each other.

June, the librarian, was in the process of juxtapositioning the books so those that were of the same height would be juxtapositioned with one another on the shelves.

In grammar, the designation of a grammatical case that expresses juxtaposition.
Near the lung; also, parapulmonary.
Near or around the pylorus or the pyloric part of the stomach; also, peripyloric.
juxtaspinal (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the position beside the vertebral column; paravertebral: Janet accidentally fell on her back and Dr. Smith told her that she had a juxtaspinal injury and should get more advice from a specialist in the hospital.
In Roman law, according to a testament or written document.
juxtavesical, paravesical, pericystic
Near the urinary bladder.