juven-, juv- +

(Latin: young, youthful)

The worship of or excessive devotion to youthfulness.
1. To make someone become, feel, or appear to be young again.
2. To restore something to its condition when it was new, or to make it more vigorous, dynamic, and effective.
3. To restore to a former state; to make fresh or new again: "He was able to rejuvenate our old dining room table."
1. The act of restoring to a more youthful condition.
2. The phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored to a person, a situation, or condition.
1. Someone who aids people or things back to a youthful condition or to a prior normal situation.
2. Anyone who restores to a former more youthful state or makes (someone or something) fresh or new again.
1. A renewing of youth; the state of being or growing young again.
2. A renewal of youthful appearance or character.
3. A method of cell formation in which the entire protoplasm of an old cell escapes by rupture of the cell wall, and then develops a new cell wall.
1. Becoming, or causing to become, rejuvenated; rejuvenating.
2. Becoming young again.
3. Making young again.
rejuvenize, rejuvenise (mainly British)
To rejuvenate; that is, to make (someone) look or feel young and energetic again.