jet-, -ject, -jecting, -jected, -jection, -jector, -jectory; jacu-, jac-

(Latin: throw, send, fling, hurl, cast; gush; spurt)

objective (s) (noun), objectives (pl)
Something that a person's efforts or actions are intended to accomplish; such as, a purpose, a goal, or a target: The objective of the military attack was to rescue the prisoners in enemy control.

The objective of the recent fund-raising drive was to help the hurricane victims.

Something that a person or people are striving to accomplish.
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objective that a person wants to achieve.
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opaque projector (s) (noun), opaque projectors (pl)
A medium that does not pass radiation of a particular frequency band: Opaque projectors are used to view images of nontransparent materials; such as, printed sheets, pages of books, drawings, mineral specimens, leaves, etc. onto a screen by means of reflected light for lectures and presentations.
orthomorphic projection
A map projection in which a small area is rendered in its true shape.
The introduction of hair into an aneurysm to promote obliteration by producing thrombosis in the aneurysm.
projectilephily (s) (noun), projectilephilies (pl)
A strong interest in collecting ammunition: Everyone who visited Mr. Gun knew that he was keen on projectilephily, because he had all kinds of old bullets and rockets made to be fired from guns and revolversas displayed in picture frames or in a glass cabinet in his living room.