-aceous, -acea, -aceae, -aceaen, -aceus

(Latin: a suffix; having the quality of, of the nature of, characterized by, belonging to, resembling)

There are hunderds of words that utilize the -aceous suffix which are not shown here; however, the following will present important examples.

A suffix that forms adjectives and is used with technical combinations, especially in biological terms: "pertaining or belonging to, of the nature of, or characterized by; to be full of, to possess abundantly". The suffix -acea usually denotes "orders and classes in zoology" while the suffix -aceae usually denotes "orders and families in botany" and -aceaen is used to denote members of "orders of the animal kingdom".

curvaceous (adjective), more curvaceous, most curvaceous
Descriptive of a well-rounded and attractive female figure: The dress designer wanted to have curvaceous models to wear his newest creations at the upcoming fashion show during the grand opening of the department store.
A well proportioned feminine figure.
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A well proportioned feminine figure with pronounced curves.
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dyssebacia, dyssebacea
A common scaly macular eruption that occurs primarily on the face, scalp (dandruff), and other areas of increased sebaceous gland secretion; the lesions are covered with a slightly adherent oily scale.
Belonging to, or having the texture or nature of foliage or leaves; leaflike in form or made of growth; composed of thin laminated layers, as certain rocks.
Typical of an herb as distinguished from a woody plant; green and leaflike in appearance or texture.
Infiltration of the iris with lymphoid cells.
lardaceous (adjective), more lardaceous, most lardaceous
A reference to being waxy or fatty: A lardaceous substance resembles lard or is affected by deposits of this kind.
lutaceous (adjective)
1. Pertaining to, made of, or formed from mud.
2. Formed from or having the fine texture of mud.
3. Related to, or having, the fine-grained texture of a sedimentary rock formed from mud.

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