(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

arachnologist (s) (noun), arachnologists (pl)
A student of, or someone who is proficient in learning about spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks: Jim's mother was an arachnologist and was an expert in the field of arachnids.
arboriculturist (s) (noun), arboriculturists (pl)
1. Someone who cultivates trees and shrubs for lumber use or for ornamental reasons.
2. Someone who is trained in forestry.
1. An expert in the cultivation and care of trees.
2. A specialist in treating damaged trees.
3. A specialist in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs, including tree surgery, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases, and the control of pests.
arborvirologist (s) (noun), arborvirologists (pl)
A specialist in any one of more than 300 viruses transmitted by the saliva of insects: "An arborvirologist studies a large group of viruses transmitted by arthropods; such as, mosquitoes and ticks, that include the causative agents of encephalitis, yellow fever, and dengue."
archaist (s) (noun), archaists (pl)
1. An individual who studies very old things: Jim's uncle is an archaist who goes to all the antique stores he can find and does research on the items he collects.
2. A person who utilizes old-fashioned terms and expressions in language: Susan was an archaist who somehow had an affinity towards interesting and outdated words and used them everyday when talking to her family and friends!
archeologist, archaeologist (s) (noun); archeologists; archaeologists (pl)
A professional scholar who studies and reconstructs the human past through its physical remains: The work of an archaeologist involves the scientific finding, collecting, cleaning, sorting, identifying, and the measuring of objects found in or on the earth or sea.

Usually the motives of archeologists are to record and to interpret ancient cultures rather than to collect and to display artifacts for a profit.

Those who study history through ancient monuments and objects.
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archivist (s) (noun), archivists (pl)
A person who is responsible for preserving, organizing, or servicing documents, files, or chronicles: Mr. Miller was employed as an archivist to collect, catalog, and take care of the historical manuscripts .
arsonist (s) (noun), arsonists (pl)
Someone who commits an act or crime of willfully, wrongfully, and unjustifiably setting property on fire often for the purpose of committing fraud: The arsonist threw gasoline on a pile of old rags and tossed a lit match onto the pile, hoping to destroy the building so he could collect an insurance payment that would be worth more than the property.
An arsonist is setting his store on fire so he can get a big insurance payment.
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artillerist (s) (noun), artillerists (pl)
1. A person skilled in artillery or gunnery.
2. A gunner; an artilleryman.
artist (s) (noun), artists (pl)
1. A person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.
2. Someone, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.
3. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill.
4. Anyone, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.
5. A person who is adept at an activity, especially one involving trickery or deceit; such as, a con artist.
assist (verb), assists; assisted; assisting
1. To help someone in accomplishing a task or job: Chuck had to prepare a speech for the next meeting, and so he asked his friend Stella to assist him in refining it and then having her listen to him speaking!
2. To give a person some advice, money, or information: The police asked the public to assist them in finding the culprit!
3. To facilitate a job or work by having something to help out: When Mr. Madison decided to make his will, he received some information from his insurance agency to assist him in understanding and accomplishing his undertaking.
A specialist in the measuring of starquakes.
astro-alchemist (s) (noun), astro-alchemists (pl)
Someone who studies the chemical composition and evolution of the universe: Some astro-alchemists study the positions and motions of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.
Anyone who studies the possibility that plants grow on other planets.
Someone who investigates the relations between the sun, moon, and stars; as well as, their influences on the weather of the earth.