(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

A vitamin antagonist; a substance that produces deficiency of a given vitamin.
Someone who practices, or advocates, operating on live animals for scientific or medical research.
vocabulist (s) (noun), vocabulists (pl)
The writer or compiler of word entries that are listed and usually defined; a lexicographer: Noah Webster is one example of a vocabulist who compiled An American Dictionary of the English Language, which was first published in 1897!
vocalist (s) (noun), vocalists (pl)
Someone who has a cultivated or trained voice; a singer: Many musical performances include successful vocalists who sing modern renditions of songs or in operas.
volcanologist, volcanist
Someone who is a specialist in the study of volcanic phenomena.
Someone who speaks with a foreign accent.
1. Organisms which eat wood; those thriving on wood as a source of food; such as, certain molluscs, insects, and fungi.
2. Eating or boring into wood, as the larvae of certain insects.
Insects showing xylophagy.
These eager xylophagous insects are showing us just what xylophagy is all about.
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One who plays a xylophone.
1. One who sells timber; a timber-merchant.
2. A dealer in wooden objects or one who sells various kinds of wood or wooden objects.
That which cuts or pierces wood; such as, an insect.
A collector of limp-leather books.
zelotypist (s), zelotypists (pl) (noun forms)
Someone who is characterized, or marked, by excessive zeal that is carried to the verge of insanity, in the advocacy of some cause.