(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

1. Someone who uses a telescope.
2. Anyone who participates in the operations of telescopes.
British, a collector of biscuit tins; where “biscuit” means the American “cracker” or “cookie”.
A specialist in teratology.
Someone who believes in the practice of terraforming.
1. A reference to a social system that gives authority and influence in a state to landowners.
2. Characterized by a system of church government based on primacy of civil power.
terrorist (s) (noun), terrorists (pl)
A person who coerces with violence and terror to achieve some objective.
A believer in thanatism.
A specialist in the study of death.
One who specializes in the study of venomous snakes.
thaumatogenist (s) (noun), thaumatogenists (pl)
A believer in or an advocate of thaumatogeny.
thaumatologist (s) (noun), thaumatologists (pl)
A person or people who study or describe miracles.
thaumaturgist (s) (noun), thaumaturgists (pl)
Someone who performs wonders or miracles: A very famous Italian thaumaturgist was Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, who was a magician and alchemist in the 1700s.
A worker of miracles.
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theanthropist (s) (noun), theanthropists (pl)
A person who believes that the divine can manifest itself in mortal form or that mortals can be divine: A theanthropist believes in the union of the divine and human natures; especially, the manifestation of God as man in Jesus Christ.