(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

antipedobaptist, antipaedobaptist (s); antipedobaptists, antipaedobaptists (pl) (nouns)
Someone who denies, on scriptural grounds, the validity of infant baptism.
1. Opposed to the theory of phlogiston, or the existence of an element of pure fire.
2. An opponent of this theory.
antitheist (s) (noun), antitheists (pl)
Someone who is opposed to believing in the existence of God or gods.
antivaccinationist, antivaccinist (s); antivaccinationists, antivaccinists (pl) (nouns)
Anyone who is opposed to vaccinations.
antivivisectionist (s) (noun), antivivisectionists (pl)
Someone who opposes any form of live animal experimentation.
apiarist (s) (noun), apiarists (pl)
Someone who keeps, cares for, and maintains bees in order to have their honey to sell: Mark was an apiarist who made a fairly good living selling honey to individuals and to grocery stores.
A keeper of bees for their honey.
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apiculturist (s) (noun), apiculturists (pl)
Someone who is engaged in the raising and care of bees for commercial or agricultural reasons.
apiologist (s) (noun), apiologists (pl)
Someone who is a specialist in the systematic and scientific study of honey bees.
apocalyptist (s) (noun), apocalyptists (pl)
1. Someone who adheres to or believes in the teachings in literature concerning the signs and events preceding the end of the world.
2. Anyone who believes in the teachings that predict a catastrophic end of the world.
apologist (s) (noun), apologists (pl)
A person who argues in defense or justification of something; such as, a doctrine, a policy, or an institution: "A few apologists defended their political positions as being justified for these bad economic times."

When a person is an apologist, he or she is trying to justify a belief or some action and would do it again.

apriorist (s) (noun), apriorists (pl)
Someone who believes in, or relies upon, reasoning, arguments, or principles.
aquarellist (s) (noun), aquarellists (pl)
Someone or those who use a painting technique of transparent washes of watercolors.
aquarist (s) (noun), aquarists (pl)
1. Someone who maintains or keeps an aquarium.
2. Curators, collectors, or ichthyologists who are associated with aquaria.
arachnidologist (s) (noun), arachnidologists (pl)
Someone who specializes in the study of spiders: Susan's mother wanted to become an arachnidologist and be an expert in arachnids, including not only spiders, but also ticks, scorpions, mites and harvestmen.