(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

pugilist (s) (noun), pugilists (pl)
1. Someone who practices the art of boxing: Lance was a professional fighter, or a pugilist, and studied his opponent carefully first before the first round started.
2. A boxer, a fighter, used in a figurative sense: A pugilist can be a vigorous controversialist, or a person who likes to disagree with other people and say things that make them angry.
pygophilist (s) (noun), pygophilists (pl)
A person who is especially fond of buttocks: Sally's ex-boyfriend was evidently a pygophilist as he was quite attracted to the shapely rears of women.
Someone who studies the effects of heat.
Someone who uses fire in military combat or fighting.
pyromantist (s) (noun), pyromantists (pl)
Someone who has the uncontrollable impulse and practice of setting things on fire.
1. Someone who is employed, or skilled, in pyrotechny.
2. A maker or displayer of fireworks.
Someone who has married four times and as a result, has four spouses; such as, four wives or four husbands at the same time.
quamtophilist, quamtophile (s) (noun); quamtophilists; quamtophiles (pl)
A collector of novelties or curiosities: Whenever Jane and her husband, both quamtophilists, went on vacation, they just couldn't resist from buying new and interesting items and innovations from the stores they visited.
querist (s) (noun), querists (pl)
Someone who is looking for information: Eric, the querist, was a reporter who wanted to find out what people think about the government's new health plan.
queryist (s) (noun), queryists (pl)
A person who probes for information and seeks to fulfill an objective: Mrs. Jameson, being a queryist, was making an effort to determine why there were so many objections to the new head of government after she had received so many votes from the people during the election.
queselcardophilist, queselcardophile (s) (noun); queselcardophilists; queselcardophiles (pl)
A collector of radio-ham cards: As a queselcardophilist, Sam was especially interested in amateur radio communication by using the radio frequency spectrum, and had a nice assortment of cards relating to ham radio.