(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

philonomist (s) (noun), philonomists (pl)
An adviser and researcher on matters pertaining to the equitable and environmental implications of wealth creation and distribution with regard to international social justice, human rights, and life support systems: A philonomist is also someone who promotes and encourages local trade and local currency systems and engages in supporting research and development.
philophilist (s) (noun), philophilists (pl)
A collector of words for collectors: Mr. Smith loved terms and expressions and he started writing down interesting, outdated, and old-fashioned expressions and terms for his children, and could be called a philophilis.

The word philophilist was coined by Paul Dickson.

Someone who loves or has a special fondness for prostitutes.
philotheist (s) (noun), philotheists (pl)
A person who loves God: Philotheists are those who have a love of and devotion to God.
philoxenist (s) (noun), philoxenists (pl)
One who is fond of or who is happiest when entertaining strangers: Sometimes parents invited Jack and Jill, the professional philoxenists, to put on circus acts for their children's birthday parties.
A medical specialist in the practice of phlebology.
1. Someone who practices phlebotomy or venesection; that is, draws blood by use of a syringe and needle.
2. A medic who draws blood from a vein for analysis or transfusion.
A phonetist.
Someone who advocates or uses phonetic spelling.
Someone who is a specialist in phonology.
phonophilist (s) (noun), phonophilists (pl)
A collector of gramophones: Not only did the elderly Mr. Hathaway have a nice assortment of old record players, but also of old disks (records) that he listened to almost every day. Among his friends, who were also phonophilists, he had the finest collection of old and valuable records.
An expert in tracing the origin of epidemics; especially, outbreaks due to disease carriers.
1. A collector or coiner (creator) of phrases.
2. A person who treats of, or is concerned with, phraseology.
3. Someone who affects a particular phraseology or is skilled in coining phrases.
One who practices phrenology.
1. A physician who specializes in phthisiology.
2. An obsolete term for specialist in tuberculosis.