(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

The murderer of a newborn child.
One who practices nepotism or one who gives his relatives good jobs, or positions, usually only because they are relatives and not for their skills or merits.
A specialist in the field of anatomy dealing with the nervous system.
A specialist in neuroendocrinology (a branch of the life sciences dealing with neurosecretion and the physiological interaction between the central nervous system and the endocrine system).
neurologist (s) (noun), neurologists (pl)
Physicians who specialize in the functions and disorders of bodily nervous systems: Timothy's family doctor sent him to a neurologist at the hospital for further tests, diagnosis, and treatment regarding his extremely twitchy and jittery condition.
A medical doctor who takes care of patients who have nervous problems.
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1. An advocate of neutrality in international affairs.
2. A person who strongly and publicly supports or adheres to a policy of strict neutrality in foreign affairs.
3. Someone who speaks in behalf of or who sticks to a policy or theory of neutralism.
nidologist (s) (noun), nidologists (pl)
Someone who studies bird nests and their related avian behaviors and associations: Steven and the other nidologists do research in the way different species of birds produce retreats for their young and how the various newly hatched birds are cared for.
nihilist (s) (noun), nihilists (pl)
Someone who believes in the entire rejection of the established beliefs in religion, morals, governments, laws, etc.: In his course in philosophy, Jack learned that a nihilist refuses to recognize accepted convictions, values, and principles, because he thinks that they are meaningless in life.
A radical who advocates that all authorities should be rejected.
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noctambulist (s) (noun), noctambulists (pl)
A person who walks around in his or her sleep.
One who devises a nomenclature.
A lawyer who is an expert in medical cases.
nonsexist (s) (noun), nonsexists (PL)
Someone who does not discriminate nor make decisions based on gender (masculine or feminine).
Someone who is versed or who specializes in noology.