(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

misomusist (s) (noun), misomusists (pl)
1. An active opponent to culture as expressed in writing by the German dramatist Hanns Johst in 1933: It is assumed that Milan Kundera coined the word misomusist in Czech, which was then taken into English.

2. Etymology: from Greek misos, "hatred" + mousa, "learning" which is also the source of the name of the nine muses of Greek and Roman mythology who represented the arts and sciences.
misoneist (s) (noun), misoneists (pl)
1. Someone who avoids changes and who has a dislike of new subjects, events, or people: Linda didn't want to be like her parents, who had a tendency to be misoneists, because they were always doing the same things every day, but she wanted to travel to new places, go to rock concerts, and to attend parties and meet new people.
2. A hater of novelties or new things: Marie was a misoneist who was completely happy with her old record player and landline; and so, she told her friends that she was not interested in getting the "newfangled" gadgets which would cost too much and break down anyway.
A strong dislike of anything new or of making any modern changes.
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misopaterist (s) (noun), misopaterists (pl)
Someone who has no respect for the Fathers of the Christian Church or those who hate their own fathers: Ray thought he didn’t have a father until he found out later that his parents had extreme difficulties with each other; so, his father left them and with time, Ray became a misopaterist who was disgusted with his father.
misopatrist (s) (noun), misopatrists (pl)
A loathing for anything having to do with a father or fathers: Sally’s only experiences with her father were quite disappointing and also distressing because he never took the time to play with her nor to do any hobbies with her; so, she found out from her psychiatrist that her negative feelings towards her father turned her into a misopatrist.
misopedist (s) (noun), misopedists (pl)
Someone who has a fear and strong dislike about being around children which may include his or her own child or children: Mary was a misopedist who sometimes went to visit her older sister who had a baby, but she tried to avoid letting the child touch her because she couldn't tolerate such contact.
A woman simply can't tolerate babies or children touching her .
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misoscopist (s) (noun), misoscopists (pl)
Anyone who hates to look at anything; a hater of beauty; a recluse: Being a misocopist, Gary was so disappointed with people generally, that he wanted to live in the woods as a hermit, away from everything, even the normally pleasant and attractive things of everyday life.
misosophist (s) (noun), misosophists (pl)
A person who has contempt for education or the process that is required for achieving it: Jackie was a misosophist who decided to quit school at 16 because she had a very strong hatred of going to such an institution and having to study all the subjects required for a diploma; so, as a result, she could only get a cleaning job at a downtown drugstore.
misotheist (s) (noun), misotheists (pl)
People or individuals who have a hatred for God or gods of any kind: There are people who are misotheists because they cannot rationalize why God, or gods, don't stop Satan's evil cruelty of people throughout the centuries and even in our modern times!
misotramontanist (s) (noun), misotramontanists (pl)
Someone who is negative about anything that is strange or not known: The term misotramontanist literally means, "one who hates what is beyond the mountains".
misotyrannist (s) (noun), misotyrannists (pl)
Anyone who despises or detests tyranny: The misotyrannists are completely against a government that treats people in a cruel and unjust way by using military or police forces to control them.
misoxenist (s) (noun), misoxenists (pl)
Something or someone that feels hostility or animosity towards strangers: A misoxenist simply will not tolerate anyone who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

Even pets; such as, dogs or cats, will attack strangers because such people are despised and not welcome.

A cat sees the postal lady, who is a stranger, approaching the door.
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When the lady is about to leave some mail, the cat would attack her.
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The scenes above represent an actual attack by a cat upon a postwoman in Germany in early 2002; because, whenever she tried to deliver a man's mail the cat would jump out and bite and claw her.

The owner of the misoxenist had to pick up his mail at a neighborhood bar because he refused to restrict the freedom of his cat to come and go whenever it wanted to do so.

mixologist (s), mixologists (pl)
The art or skill of preparing mixed drinks: "This mixologist is so obsessed with the fusions and collisions of flavors and scents that he has converted part of his apartment into an ad hoc chemistry laboratory, a place where he straps on a gas mask and plays with vitals of essential oils."

"A mixologist has helped to create and to ease the morning after a night of drinking with special mixtures of flavors."

mnemonist (s) (noun), mnemonists (pl)
Someone who is versed in the science of how to train and improve the memory, or who practices the art of memorizing: Professional entertainers or mnemonists are just one group of people who teach recollection with their songs.
A collector of motor cars.
1. An artist who makes a deliberate break with previous styles.
2. A practice, usage, or expression peculiar to modern times.
3. The deliberate departure from past traditions and the use of innovative, or new, forms of expressions which distinguish many styles in the arts and literature of the 20th century.